My first months (and holidays) as a freelancer

by | Oct 26, 2019 | Freelance life

2016. An orthopaedic company from my city was expanding across Europe, and needed in-house employees capable of answering clients’ doubts in several languages, translating data sheets, and managing all matters relating to the new markets where they were selling their products.

French is one of my working languages (plus in 2015 I worked as a Spanish language assistant in France), so I was required to handle the French market. And I fell in love with the project from the beginning. I enjoyed practising my French with clients, answering messages and writing data sheets for the French site.

Those months I learnt how to handle an international sales project, and how efficient a marketing strategy can be if we combine it with the right words and a potent message.

But seven months later, my colleague quit his job, and my superiors decided that I should be in charge of logistics (which was his main task). My main objective was to analyse our external platforms (Amazon, Ebay) and decide the total number of products that would be sent to these warehouses each month.

But this wasn’t made for me. The previous months I had discovered marketing translations, the satisfaction of connecting with clients thanks to a good message, and how to use data sheets to help customers solve their problems. And I didn’t stop thinking about this.

Although I translated some messages/data sheets, most of my working hours were focused on logistics. I have a good job position, but I had always dreamt of becoming a translator, and day by day my dream started to fade.

And it happened. One day, I woke up and said: if not now, then when? So I called my boss to tell her that I was determined to leave my job.

Was I afraid? Yes, I was panicking, but I really wanted to build my own path, and there was no time to lose.

And of course, the path was harder than I had thought. The first obstacles arrived soon. I registered in several platforms for freelance translators, but I realized that there are thousands of experienced translators, all kind of specialties, all kind of rates, and my profile went unnoticed.

I took a pen and a notebook, and I started attending workshops to know the real possibilities of becoming a freelance translator and the steps I should take to achieve this goal.

After many trainings and seminars, a mentor gave me a piece of advice I’ll never forget: “More and more companies need valuable content for their websites. Apart from translations, you could also create content from scratch. Think about this concept and develop it.”

I have been writing all my life, this is what I did during my university life and in the previous companies I had worked. But I didn’t know if I was ready to write a website or a blog from scratch.

I did an online research to go deeper into the topic. My surprise? I found a WHOLE WORLD called COPYWRITING.

Behind that wonderful world, there was a guy called Javi Pastor. On his website, he affirmed that copywriting was made for those who want to become professional (content) writers.

I was more and more curious to know what copywriting was, so I enrolled his free training. For videos that showed me how to write emails that catch readers attention from the beginning, top-notch emails that increase your sales opportunity.

After the training, I was anxious to know more about copywriting techniques and online sales.

And it was time to decide. I could learn copywriting techniques on my own, but I also had the chance to join his course, Adopta un Copywriter, and start a guided learning.

It took me 5 minutes to make the decision. Again, one of the best decisions (and trainings) of my life.

A tutor guided me during all the process; I learnt all the basics of copywriting, I worked on several projects (with real clients), and I learnt marketing techniques to start promoting my brand and my services as a freelance translator/copywriter.

At that time, I was ready to apply copywriting techniques to all the articles I posted on my LinkedIn profile, and after many publications and hard work, some companies found my profile. The first project proposals had just arrived.

This adventure started almost two years ago, and today I can shout it out! This summer I’ve been able to go on holiday and pay the trip thanks to my salary as a freelance copywriter/translator. Without a doubt, one of the happiest experiences of my life.

During my trip to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I have swum in natural pools, I’ve climbed the Teide, hiked through the Laurisilva forest, seen the Millennial Drago Tree, and eaten tons of potatoes with mojo sauce and almogrote!

Years ago, I could travel thanks to the savings I got as an employee, but thanks to Adopta un Copywriter, I’ve been able to find my own clients and work on direct projects.

As I said before, this is not the easiest way, this is not the most comfortable life. I have found several obstacles in the way, and I know many others will come, but the setbacks make me grow professionally, and the small achievements make me see that I’m in the right direction, the direction that makes me happy.

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