María C. Estrada

Copywriter & Translator


I am María, and I have a mission: to choose the best words to convey the full potential of your brand and services to your Spanish clients

Or in other words:

I write, translate and refine the texts of your website, blog and social media so that you consolidate your business in this new market and reach potential customers, without worrying about cultural and language barriers.

You just need willingness to grow.
In exchange, I’ll:

Boost the way you communicate with your online audience.

We are going to create translations or texts (written from scratch) that increase your organic traffic, help you generate new leads and build trust towards your brand.

Adapt your website to the culture of the new country where you are selling.

We are going to facilitate the purchasing process to the 40% of customers who prefer to buy on websites written in their mother tongue (data from Global Ecommerce Statistics, Shopify, 2021).

Polish the message of your marketing campaigns and materiales.

We are going to select the words that will encourage customers to take action and interact with your brand: from suscribing to your blog or newsletter, to buying your products or services.

Choose one of these services:

Copywriting and
content creation

Texts written from scratch for your website, blog and digital platforms.


For your website, blog and digital platforms.


Let’s combine copywriting,
content creation and translation!

And we will shape your Spanish tone of voice through
4 simple steps:

01. We’ll have a 30 minutes meeting

And you’ll explain to me at what stage your business is: did you start selling abroad some years ago, or are you selling in new markets for the first time? I’m all ears.  😀

02. I’ll send you a custom budget

And we will agree on a date to start working together.
*I will ask you to send me your Brand guide or to fill a questionnaire to know your business in great detail

03. I get down to work:

I’ll write, translate or optimize your online texts.

04. You’ll receive the texts

Ready to be implemented in your site or digital channels.


Conocí a María en un encuentro organizado por la Cámara de Comercio de Sevilla. Yo tenía muchas ideas para presentar mi blog, pero no sabía cómo plasmarlas en palabras y María me dio la solución. De una forma clara y sencilla me ayudó a crear los textos para mi blog. Altamente recomendable.


Gracias a María pudimos mejorar la manera en la que nos dirigíamos a nuestros clientes. El copywriting era un concepto desconocido para nosotros, por lo que valoramos su paciencia a la hora de explicarnos los servicios y su desarrollo. Nuestra empresa actúa en un sector poco conocido como es la ortopedia, y nos sorprendió la manera resolutiva con la que ha aplicado su trabajo. El resultado es una marca personal más cuidada y adaptada a estos tiempos y nuevas estrategias de comunicación con los clientes.


Who am I and how have I gotten here?

Let me explain it to you

The numbers of my life

I started learning English when I was 5 and I feel passionate about languages since then.

I finished my Bacherlor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting in 2014, and I specialized in Translation of Software and Digital Products in 2016.

I’ve been translating and creating content for growing companies for 3 years and a half, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with new brands that want to enter new markets, gain online visibility and improve their online communication.

The jobs that have made me grow

I worked on different areas before becoming a freelancer: language teaching, translation project management, content creation for e-commerce, and educational content creation for Spanish students.

During that period I met incredible workmates, and learnt thousands of lessons that enriched myself professionally.

I really miss language teaching, this was the activity that fostered my creativity the most.

The projects that make me feel alive

I specialise in marketing, e-learning y software y productos digitales.

However, I’m more than willing to participate in projects related to sustainability, minimalism, travelling, tourism, multiculturalism, migration and language teaching.

Does your brand belong to one of these sectors? If so, you have found the ideal copytranslator for your business. 😊

My personality

I am cheerful, enthusiastic, and veery shy too.

But shyness has many benefits. In my case it’s linked to a good analytical capacity and accuracy when it comes to reviewing projects.

This “weakness” has now become a professional strength. And I love it.

My favourite hobby

Dancing has brought a huge feeling of peace and happiness to my life.

I started practicing zumba in 2015, and I don’t miss a class since then! I’m also a huge fan of salsa, bachata and kizomba.

A huge smile on my face appears every time I get on the dance floor, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

A cosmopolite soul

I’m crazy about visiting new places and tasting new food from all over the world.

I have really good memories of Tenerife and its papas con mojo picón, Le Mans (the city where I lived for a year) and its galettes de rois or Roma and its supplì!

Besides, every time I visit another country, I fall in love with the language spoken there. I wish I had time to learn them all!

I offer you professionality, truthfullness
and good vibes